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VibeOlogy - My New Music Podcast on Blackan Radio, Japan 

Hi Friends,

I've been wanting to do a music podcast for a while now, to promote the great independent artists I have discovered over the years and to introduce more and more people to the gorgeous music coming out of my homeland, Trinidad and Tobago.

Finally, here it is! Thanks to Blackan Radio, Japan, for hosting the show. Blackan has been a great champion of independent music by foreign artists in Japan, as well as a big supporter of my music and my albums, Rose, with indigo jam unit, and my solo album… Read more

"Ooh Boy" featured in The Pete Cogle Podcast #382 

 Check out The Pete Cogle Podcast, which showcases great dub, dancehall and reggae tunes.
"Ooh Boy" is included in the first podcast of 2012, among some great tracks. I especially like 
the first track of the podcast, "Superman," (feat. Plex Rock & Taiwan MC), by Deluxe. Aix en Provence, France [Chinese Man Records].
Thanks to Pete Cogle for featuring my song and for his kind words.
Listen to the podcast here.