M.I.A. Shines the Spotlight on Refugees with a Beautiful Song & Music Video - Borders


M.I.A. in music video for Borders

Reading about a new M.I.A. release is enough for me to click on the link and listen to the new song or watch the new video. She is such an original and talented young woman.

Today, after watching the beautiful and self-directed music video for her new release, Borders, my love and respect for her has grown even more.

Not only is she addressing such an important and pressing human rights issue, but she is doing it in such a creative and visually stunning way. That is the right word for the video. Stunning. That she directed it herself makes it even more impressive.

Hopefully, the song will touch the hearts of many people around the world. Let's hope that more and more people come to appreciate the humanity and desperate need of the refugees who are fleeing life-threatening war and persecution largely created and inflamed by the actions of the developed countries that now seem ambivalent about their moral obligation to help.

Watch the video below.
Read more about it at The Muse.

You can also check out the new protest song by Lady A aka Alicia Saldenha, Can You See Me? (Hands in the Air). The single is a call for solidarity in opposing racism and police brutality. Get the song here.

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